One Shot Depositors

The end of the hard work to produce filled chocolates

One Shot Depositor machines are capable of making filled chocolates by injecting the filling and the chocolate in one single shot into the moulds. All you need to do is press the button, cool, then it's ready to pack. Like magic.

Animação mostrando os diversos tipos de trufas e bombons que podem ser feitas com as máquinas One Shot

Our machinery for One Shot Depositing

dosadora One Shot Start


All the benefits and facilities of the One Shot technology for small producers. Makes up to 800 filled chocolates per hour.

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one shot c3 pro 3d render

C3 Pro

A behemoth in a nutshell. Makes up to 2.000 filled chocolates per hour. Totally automatic, extremely compact.

See C3 Pro


One Shot fully automatic, with capacity to produce up to 3500 filled chocolates/hour.

See OSD-5

Which model is the best for you?

Recommended for small productions and laboratories
Makes up to 800 pieces per hour (24kg/h)
Space to fit up to two nozzles Ideal for working with 2x5 moulds (2 rows of 5 cavities or more)
Extremely compact
Semiautomatic production. The operator positions the mould and presses the pedal to activate the depositing
C3 Pro
Recommended for growing business that want to skyrocket their production
Makes up to 2.000 pieces per hour (60kg/h)
Space to fit up to three nozzles Ideal for working with 3x7 moulds (3 rows of 7 cavities or more)
Totally automatic, which reduces manual labor
Makes filled bars and other pieces that requires movement during the deposit process
Recommended for medium to large productions
Makes up to 4.000 pieces per hour (120kg/h)
Space to fit up to five nozzles. Ideal for working with 5x5 moulds (5 rows of 5 cavities or more)
Recommended for integration with cooling tunnels on continuous lines
Two individual reservoirs with four independent temperature controllers
Totally automatic, which reduces manual labor

Built to make your life easier

The One Shot depositing system is an extremely fast way to produce filled chocolates. The purpose of this technology is to make a great amount of products in a short period of time, whilst occupying a very small space and in one shot. One Shot dispensers are a must for anyone looking for a solution to produce more by spending less time without losing quality, identity and the grammage standard of their products.

Eliminate up to five manufacturing steps

If you know the manual process, you know that making a filled chocolate involves putting the chocolate in the mould, making the shells, taking it to the first cooling, waiting for them to crystallize, removing from the freezer, filling, covering the bottom of the chocolate, and then taking it to the final cooling. It is only after this long list of steps that a filled chocolate is ready to be packed. Our One Shot dispensers do it all at once. Just press the button, take it to cool and your chocolates are ready to pack.

linha de produção de bombons recheados em fundo branco
Trufas e Bombons recheados variados

Have more free time to create new products

We believe that chocolatiers should spend more time caring for the parts that really matter in the creation of their art and spend less time on boring, repetitive tasks. The ease of making filled chocolates with One Shot machines saves you precious time in the manufacture of its products, giving you more freedom to test new ideas.

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You in control, finally

Our One Shot Depositors allow you to regulate the proportion of chocolate to filling, the weight of your chocolates, control the temperatures of the reservoirs and store more than 200 recipes, so you do not have to worry about producing several types of products with just one equipment.

How the One Shot technology works

To make filled chocolates, simply fill the machine with chocolate and filling in the reservoirs. When you turn on the depositing system, two independent pistons will push the chocolate and the filling into the dosing nozzles at the same time. The result is a perfect filled chocolate with an uniform shell.

the functioning of the one shot depositing system
How the One Shot depositing system works



VONIN's One Shot Depositors are controlled through a touchscreen, which facilitates the operation of the equipment, turning complex physics calculations in one simple press of a button.

hmi one shot vonin
tachos one shot vonin

Reservoirs with precise heating control

The reservoirs of our One Shot Depositors have a heating system to keep the chocolate and the filling always in the right temperature. This prevents the chocolate from recrystallizing before it is used, that it loses its temper or that the filling gets too thick.

Types of fillings that pairs well with the One Shot Depositing system

Creamy and medium viscosity fillings, based on condensed milk, fat or ganache operate nicely. Liquid fillings such as liqueurs, or heavy liquids are not recommended.

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diferentes tipos de recheios de trufas e bombons
chocolate ao leite, amargo e branco picados

What kinds of chocolates can be used in the One Shot Depositors?

Any kind of chocolate - from white to milk, bitter or couverture. Even with solid inclusions of up to 03mm (nuts).

What else can you do with One Shot Depositors?

Besides filled bonbons, you can make all sorts of chocolates, including filled easter eggs (up to 150 grams), filled cups, filled drops, filled bottles, etc.

dosadora one shot osd5 da VONIN dosando gotas de chocolate recheadas

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