Tempering Machine Esmeralda 30

Flawless temper. Chocolate always ready for you to do your best. Enrobing, vibration and dosing modules to increase the flexibility of your line to the maximum. Simple operation.

Whatever your needs are, the Esmeralda 30 gives you everything you need to reach the next level.

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Features An arsenal at your disposal

Watch Esmeralda 30 at it's full potential:


  • + Belt width of 200mm
  • + Blower to remove the excess chocolate
  • + Exit belt attached. No cooling tunnel needed for having great productivity
  • + Vibrating system for better finishing on the bottom of the products
  • + Automatic butter paper feeder for easy emptying of the exit belt
  • + Anti-tail system for better finishing
  • + The enrober has it's own structure with casters
  • + Tray to facilitate the removing of the products


  • +Two spaces to vibrate from 3 to 6 moulds simultaneously
  • + Heated contact parts to avoid crystallization
  • + Well-dimensioned vibration intensity
  • + Polyurethane belt w/ food grade safety
  • + Attached scraper for better productivity
  • + The heated grill facilitates the production of shells and hollow-figures


Technical Specifications
Temperadeira Esmeralda 30

desenho técnico com medidas temperadeira esmeralda 30 vonin

  • Tempers up to 30kg of chocolate in 12 Minutes
  • Tempers up to 90kg of chocolate per hour
  • Body, contact parts and structure in Stainless Steel 304
  • Stores up to 30kg of chocolate
  • Minimum recommended for starting operation 15kg
  • Voltage 220V – Single-phase or Three-phase
  • Power consumption (no acessories) 3,6kW/h
  • Power consumption (with acessories) 4,2kW/h
  • Net weight (empty machine) 110Kg
  • Motors bonfiglioli
  • And yet...
  • - Easy to remove auger pump
  • - Flow rate of 2kg/min
  • - Machine built with sanitary design
  • - Flow stopper pedal
  • - Reversal system for easy emptying of the machine
  • - Refrigeration system is made through cold gas

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