One Shot Depositor OSD-5

The OSD-5 is the most robust One Shot in our line. Its flexible depositing system is able to make not only filled prelinés, but also handle filled bars, chocolate coins, drops and double filling deposit (tri-shot system).

Fully automatic and with a volume of up to 3500 units per hour, the OSD-5 stands out for its speed, precision and stability during production. To top it all off, the OSD-5 is very easy to clean and setup for different products.

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Video Productivity and flexibility pushed to the maximum

The OSD-5 One Shot Depositor is fully automatic, and it makes up to 3500 units per hour. With servo technology, it provides you with a wide range of possibilities, allowing you to make different kinds of filled chocolates

Technical Specifications

data sheet osd5

  • Makes up to 3500 units per hour
  • Limit per deposit 75 grams per nozzle
  • Structure, contact parts and protections in Stainless Steel (SS) 304
  • Two individual storages with capacity of 9kg on each
  • Voltage 220V Single phase
  • Net weight (empty machine) Net weight (empty machine)
  • Stepper motors, actuation and pneumatics smc
  • Touchscreen (HMI) and Logic Controller (PLC) delta
  • Servomotor and drivers mitsubishi
  • Additional features:
  • - Reservoir with removable pneumatic mixer (optional)
  • - Individual reservoirs with heating and precise temperature control
  • - Sanitary design of easy cleaning (several pieces can be removed without special tools).
  • - Stores up to 200 recipes in memory.

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