One Shot Depositor OSD-5

The OSD-5 is a robust One Shot, developed to simplify the production of filled chocolates, make it more productive and less stressful in medium to large scale. Its flexible depositing system is able to make not only filled chocolates, but also handle filled bars, chocolate coins, drops, double filling chocolates and much more, with static or moving deposit.

Fully automatic and with a production volume of up to 3500 units per hour, the OSD-5 stands out for its speed, precision and dosing control. The machine is easy to clean, has removable bins and has individual temperature controls in each tank. OSD-5 gives you the best experience in the production of filled chocolates.

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Functioning & Characteristics High productivity and flexibility

The OSD-5 One Shot Depositor is fully automatic, and it makes up to 3500 units per hour. With servo technology, it provides you with a wide range of possibilities, allowing you to make different kinds of filled chocolates

Technical Specifications One Shot Depositor OSD-5

Desenho técnico da máquina dosadora One Shot OSD-5


  • Store up to 200 recipes in memory
  • Makes up to 3500 units per hour
  • Individually programmed temperature controllers (PID) for chocolate tempering control
  • High-precision temperature control thermostats (PID)
  • Individual Dosage Control
  • Simultaneous dosing, tailored to the needs of your product
  • Easy control of the equipment through the HMI

Constructive specifications

  • Made of 304 stainless steel, aluminum and plastics according to the industry standard
  • Precise actuation via servo motor and step motor
  • Internal chamber with heating for chocolate temperature control

Capacities and Voltage

  • Reservoir with capacity to store up to 7kg on each side
  • Voltage: 220v
  • Net weight: 130kg


  • Adaptation to double filling (Tri-Shot)