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Get to know VONIN's Chocolate Industrial Machinery Lines

Our vision has always been to craft equipment that exceeds your expectations, giving you the flexibility, support and security you need to grow your business. All of this without harming the identity and quality of your products and your brand.

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Tempering Machines

Feel free to unleash your best creations while our tempering machines take care of keeping your chocolate in perfect conditions. This way, you can focus on what truly matters. Customize with accessories for any occasion and unlock the true potential of your production.

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Grinding & Conching

Our mills enable you to create chocolates and pastes from scratch with incredible textures, reducing costs and giving you the power to develop your own signature recipes.

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Universal Chocolate Depositors

Our automated universal chocolate depositors streamline the production of chocolates in molds, providing weight control per product within <1g and reducing operational costs. Explore options for effortlessly manufacturing filled chocolates (One Shot) or solid ones. Whether with or without inclusions, single or double fillings (tri-shot), in small, medium, or large scale, we have solutions to meet your needs.

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Chocolate Spinning Machines

Ride the waves of seasonality by producing eggshells and incredible figures for holidays. During the off-season, manufacture your own shells, reducing your costs by up to 77%.

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Industrial Chocolate Melters

Our chocolate melting tanks allow easy storage with low energy consumption, ranging from capacities of 30kg to 1000kg of chocolate. For larger versions, we offer automatic connections through pumps and heated pipelines.

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