High Performance Melangeur Andura 20

The Andura 20 Melanger carries our DNA in robustness and performance. Crafted with the best available in the market to take you to new horizons. Available with a pneumatic pressure system (requires an air compressor) or the classic spring tensioning system.

Its intelligent design features tool-free removable scrapers, speed control, and tilting for chocolate drainage. In the pneumatic version, you can precisely adjust the pressure, lift the stones for temperature control, and enhance the conching process.

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Operation and Features Robustness and Performance for you to create your finest chocolates. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Watch the entire bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturing process in the Andura 20 melanger:

Technical Specifications
Melangeur Andura 20

desenho técnico melanger andura 20

  • Capacity 20kg per batch
  • Structure Stainless Steel and Painted Steel
  • Bowl made of Stainless Steel 304
  • Stones made of Gray Granite - All natural
  • Available in versions Pneumatic or Spring System
  • Minimum Load Capacity 15kg
  • Refine particles down to <20um (Microns)
  • Available in voltages 220V - Single Phase
  • Power 2cv / 1,5kW
  • Net Weight 180Kg
  • Motorization weg logo
  • Pneumatic System smc
  • And also...
  • Stone shaft in bushing (preventing stones from locking, as can happen with bearings)
  • Tool-free removable scrapers for easy cleaning.
  • Pneumatic lift for stone roller for conching (available only in the pneumatic version)
  • Speed control via frequency inverter
  • Tilt system for easy product drainage
  • Stones easily removable with handles

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