Continuous Tempering Machine Diamond T-50

The Diamond 50 has the capacity to temper up to 150 kg per hour. Start producing better choosing between additional modules of enrobing or vibrating table to perform multiple functions at the same time, ensuring greater diversity and flexibility in your production line.

Apart from being made with only first class components, the Diamond 50 has also an elegant and modern finishing to fit its inside. It also has a touch-sensitive screen, which allows you to control and regulate all its functionalities in a simple and practical way.

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Features Robust, versatile and powerful

The Diamond 50 allows you to accurately master the crystallization curve of your chocolate through its automatic temperature controls. Its enrober module makes the Diamond 50 even more powerful, allowing you to cover up to 4000 products per hour, directly with tempered chocolate.

Technical Specifications
Diamond 50

data sheet diamond 50

  • Tempers up to 330lbs (150kg) of chocolate/hour
  • Body, contact parts and accessories in Stainless Steel (SS) 304
  • Reservoir with storage capacity of 110lbs (50kg) of chocolate
  • Minimum chocolate capacity for operation 55lbs (25kg)
  • Voltage 220V Single-phase/three-phase
  • Net weight (empty machine) 180Kg
  • Motorization bonfiglioli
  • Three term controllers (PID) autonics
  • And also...
  • - Flow rate of 6,6lb (3kg) / min
  • - Sanitary design for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • - Screw conveyor with reversing system for easy emptying of the machine
  • - Cold gas refrigeration system
  • - Temporized depositing feature

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