Chocolate Tempering Machines

Your creativity always ready to flow.

Our chocolate tempering machines delivers a source of tempered chocolate always ready for you to work, leaving you free to focus on just what you and your team do best: creating.

Our machinery for chocolate tempering

ruby 5 seen from above

Ruby 5

Compact tempering machine for small productions. Tempers up to 15kg per hour.

See Ruby 5

continuous chocolate tempering machine crystal t10

Crystal T-10

The Crystal T-10 is a continuous chocolate tempering machine capable of tempering up to 30 kg of chocolate per hour.

See Crystal T-10

chocolate melter, temper, enrober diamond t50 with vibrating table module

Diamond T-50

Melting, tempering, vibrating and enrobing in a single equipment. The Diamond T50 tempers up to 180 kg of chocolate/hour and can enrob up to 3000 products/hour.

See Diamond T-50

Continuous Tempering System

Tempering by auger ensures your chocolate’s perfect fluidity and the perfect homogenization of the cocoa butter crystals, resulting in high quality end products: shiny, firm and heat resistant. How they should be.

Take control of your temper

The PID temperature controllers of our tempering machines automatically follow the pre-programmed crystallization curve of your chocolate. Say goodbye to thermometers and mess.

Quit losing your temper

Our tempering machines keep the temper of your chocolate and it is always ready to use. Do not rush to re-heat your last minute chocolate.

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Extract the full potential of your chocolate

By keeping the chocolate in its crystallization curve longer and always in agitation, our chocolate tempering machines further develop and mature the structure of the cocoa butter crystals, further raising the quality of the temper after crystallization.

Cristais da manteiga de cacau

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