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Our chocolate tempering machines delivers a source of tempered chocolate always ready for you to work, leaving you free to focus on just what you and your team do best: creating.

Our machinery for chocolate tempering

ruby 5 seen from above

Ruby 5

Compact tempering machine for small productions. Tempers up to 15kg per hour.

See Ruby 5

continuous chocolate tempering machine crystal t10

Crystal T-10

The Crystal 10 is a benchtop tempering machine with heated vibrating table included. Capable of tempering up to 30 kg of chocolate per hour.

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3d render of esmeralda 30 tempering machine

Esmeralda 30

Tempering machine for medium sized productions. Capable of tempering up to 90kg of chocolate per hour. Optional enrobing, vibration and dosing modules.

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chocolate melter, temper, enrober diamond t50 with vibrating table module

Diamond T-50

Melting, tempering, vibrating and enrobing in a single equipment. Tempers up to 150 kgs of chocolate per hour.

See Diamond 50

Which one is the best tempering machine for you?

The main difference between each one of our models are the hourly production rate and the available acessories, like vibrating tables and enrobers. All of our tempering machines bring the same level of quality on both the tempering of the chocolate and in the quality of the components, regardless of the size.

Ruby 5
Recommended for micro-productions, startups and laboratories
Stores up to 5kg of chocolate
Tempers up to 15kg of chocolate per hour
Extremely compact
Do not have extra acessories (vibrating table or enrober)
Crystal 10
Recommended for small sized productions, stores and artisans
Stores up to 10kg of chocolate
Tempers up to 30kg of chocolate per hour
Heated vibrating table included with the equipment
Esmeralda 30
Recommended for medium sized business and well-stablished brands
Stores up to 30kg of chocolate
Tempers up to 90kg of chocolate per hour
Heated vibrating table module (optional)
200mm width enrober module + exit transportation belt included w/ automatic butter paper feeder (optional)
Extruding module for easy moulding (optional)
Diamond 50
Ideal for mid to large sized productions and well-known brands
Stores up to 50kg of chocolate
Tempers up to 150kg of chocolate per hour
Heated vibrating table module (optional)
400mm width enrober module (optional)
Extruding module for easy moulding (optional)
Operation via TouchScreen panel w/ timed dosing system

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to melt chocolate on tempering machines as well?

Yes. But it’s not the best way to work with a continuous tempering machine. It all depends on the level of production that you need to extract from the equipment. If you want the maximum production rate, you will need to work with already melted chocolate.
Are the tempering machines hard to clean?

No matter which brand, the bigger the tempering machine, the more time you will need to clean it. It’s almost a natural law of life.

We took the care to make all the chocolate contact parts accessible without the use of special tools. Even on the bigger models. Besides that, all of our tempering machines are built with sanitary design, that guarantees the best cleaning experience that a continuous tempering machine could have.

It’s also important to say that you should only do a complete cleaning of the tempering machine when you need to change the type of chocolate. All of our tempering machines have the resources to keep the chocolate on the machine throughout the days of production.

I work with 10 different types of chocolates. What should I do?

If you work with a lot of different chocolate types, and in small volumes, the best you should do is to invest on several smaller models, instead of a single bigger one.

Or invest on a mid-large sized one for the chocolate that you use the most and on smaller ones for the others.

It all depends on your current budget and scenario. But if you take this recommendation when thinking about the right investment, it will surely help you avoid production bottlenecks in the future, since cleaning a 30kg tempering machine three times a day is totally not viable.

You can always count on us to help you to make the best decision.

Can I use bean-to-bar chocolate without lecithin?

Yes. Our tempering machines are ready to work with these kinds of chocolate.
What is the minimum capacity to operate the tempering machine?

It’s best to keep the chocolate bowl level on at least 50% or more. For instance, on a 5kg tempering machine, we have a minimum recommended of 2,5kg for operation.

You can, of course, operate the tempering machine with less than 50% capacity. But in this case, we recommend to use the chocolate on the short-term (1-2 hours), or it may lead to overtempering.

How does the tempering machine keep my chocolate tempered and ready for use?

From the moment that the chocolate reaches the set cooling temperature, the tempering machine stabilizes the chocolate and keeps it always on the same temperature, although some minor decimal variations.

That is enough to keep the chocolate tempered for hours, without you having to worry with nothing than making your best creations.

How the hourly production rate is really calculated?

If you have paid attention up until this point, you probably have noticed that we always measure the production of a continuous tempering machine as being up until three times the volume of it’s bowl per hour.

That is because the main idea is to feed the bowl with melted chocolate during the operation. When you complete the bowl with more melted chocolate, the tempering machine quickly stabilizes again on the set temperature. The result is your chocolate always ready to work, thus the name continuous tempering.

Following the above procedures it is possible to reach a production of up to three times the bowl size per hour.

Is it necessary to have any additional equipment to use the tempering machine?

No. All of our tempering machines, whether equipped with accessories or not, need only a proper power plug to work.
Does the continuous tempering machines follow the tempering curve?

No. All of the continuous tempering machines work on two phases, cooling from 45°C to the set cooling temperature. The tempering process occurs due to the temperature drop and agitation on the auger pump.

It’s important to say that although this method goes against the traditional theory for chocolate tempering, it is a well-known and established system for centuries.

Some models have a third temperature controller for re-heating the chocolate after the cooling zone, but the purpose for this third controller is to only maintain the chocolate at working temperature, preventing it from crystallizing on the exit nozzle.

Can I work with inclusions on the tempering machines?

Yes. You can work with inclusions with particle sizes up to 5mm directly on the tempering machine. But beware: each model accept a predetermined percentage of inclusions. The rule is: the bigger the tempering machine, the bigger the percentage of inclusions that it is able to work with.

You can always check with our team for additional information.

Also, it is only worth to put the inclusions directly on the tempering machine if you’re going to produce a big quantity of that type. If not, the best option is to fill a separate bowl with tempered chocolate, add the inclusions, mix and mould afterwards. That way you won’t need to do a full cleaning process just to change the inclusion.

About the Continuous Tempering System

Tempering by auger ensures your chocolate’s perfect fluidity and the perfect homogenization of the cocoa butter crystals, resulting in high quality end products: shiny, firm and heat resistant. How they should be.

Take control of your temper

The PID temperature controllers of our tempering machines automatically follow the pre-programmed crystallization curve of your chocolate. Say goodbye to thermometers and mess.

Quit losing your temper

Our tempering machines keep the temper of your chocolate and it is always ready to use. Do not rush to re-heat your last minute chocolate.

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Extract the full potential of your chocolate

By keeping the chocolate in its crystallization curve longer and always in agitation, our chocolate tempering machines further develop and mature the structure of the cocoa butter crystals, further raising the quality of the temper after crystallization.

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