Industrial Chocolate Melters

Vital in any chocolate production.

With our industrial chocolate melters you will be able to melt high amounts of chocolate with ease, reducing effort and costs in your production line.

Our machinery for chocolate melting

Derretedeira de Chocolate Industrial TD-V


Easily melt high amounts of any kind of chocolate. We make the TD-V in versions starting from 30kg up to 1 ton.

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A really must-have for any scenario

Chocolate melters are the bedrock for a stress-free chocolate production. Think of them as a melted chocolate stock, where you can always get more chocolate whenever you need.

Less energy consumption

After reaching the set temperature, the heating is turned off, and it's turned back on only when necessary. This feature guarantees a low energy consumption.

chocolate heart

Say goodbye to the microwave and unproductiveness

Just fill the tank with chocolate, wait for a while, then turn the agitator and you're done. In just a few minutes you will have your chocolate ready for tempering.

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bonfiglioli motor

Firt class components

Inside a VONIN, you'll find only first class components. Motors are the core of melting tanks. For this reason, our tanks are equipped with durable engines, which guarantee a low maintenance index and a high stability in their production.

Precise temperature control

Through the PID high precision digital temperature control, our melting tanks always keeps your chocolate at the right temperature.

chocolate agitator TD-V chocolate melter

Exclusively made for chocolate

The mixer developed by VONIN guarantees complete homogenization of the chocolate mass, ensuring a completely liquid mass, free of solids.

Double Jacketed Tank

Double jacketing and water heating give our tanks a high temperature insulation, protecting the chocolate from any external influence that may interfere with its quality, such as humidity.

vonin double jacketed tank
304 stainless steel tubes stacked

100% Stainless Steel 304

All of our tanks are built entirely in stainless steel 304, a material that is easy to clean and highly durable.

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