Industrial Chocolate Melter TD-V

Melt high amounts of chocolate easily. Our industrial chocolate melter TD-V serves small, medium or large productions, with capacities ranging from 30kg to 1 ton.

Built with double chamber, mixers in 304 stainless steel and electronic temperature control, the TD-V melts and homogenizes your chocolate in a simple and fast way.

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Functioning & Characteristics Industrial solution for melting chocolate

The TD-V Melter takes care of melting your chocolate for you, without burning or overheating. It gives you more free time to do important things by optimizing your melting process. See the TD-V melting tank in action:

Technical Specifications
Industrial Chocolate Melting Tank TD-V

technical specifications for the industrial chocolate melter td-v

  • Internal structure in Jacketed Stainless Steel 304
  • Mixer and structure in Stainless Steel (SS) 304
  • Maximum temperature Up to 212F (100°C) *
  • Electronic Thermostat full gauge
  • Motorization bonfiglioli
  • PID Digital Temperature Controller (available only on versions of 100kg and above) autonics
  • Voltage 220V/380V Single phase/Three phase
  • And also...
  • - Height adjustment
  • - Available capacities: 30kg, 50kg, 100kg, 500kg, 1000kg
  • - Starting from 100kg capacity, the mixer’s motor can be built on the bottom of the equipment
  • * The heating of the TD-V tank is performed via bain-marie using water inside a jacketed INOX drum. Above 60 ° C the heating can be made using oil, depending on the needs of the project.

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