Industrial Chocolate Melter TD-V

Melt high amounts of chocolate easily. Our industrial chocolate melter TD-V serves small, medium or large productions, with capacities ranging from 30kg to 1 ton.

Built with double chamber, mixers in 304 stainless steel and electronic temperature control, the TD-V melts and homogenizes your chocolate in a simple and fast way.

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Functioning & Characteristics Industrial solution for melting chocolate

The TD-V Melter takes care of melting your chocolate for you, without burning or overheating. It gives you more free time to do important things by optimizing your melting process. See the TD-V melting tank in action:

Technical Specifications Industrial Chocolate Melting Tank TD-V

Desenho Técnico da Derretedeira de Chocolate TD-V

Functioning & Characteristics

  • Precise temperature control
  • Heated internal double chamber for melting chocolate
  • Internal mixer to aid in the melting of chocolate.

Constructive specifications

  • Made of 304 stainless steel, aluminum and plastics, according to the norm for food industry.
  • Leveling foot for height adjustment

Weight and Voltage

  • Net weight (without chocolate): 30Kg → 20kg tank, 50kg tank → 25Kg
  • Voltage: 220v


  • Capacities in 35kg, 50kg, 100kg, 200kg, 500kg and 1000kg
  • Consult us for other capacities