Compact Spinning Machine for Shells and Figures Spin 6

The Spin 6 was created to work with various chocolate figures, offering the perfection and practicality expected from a machine designed for the laborious day-to-day of seasonal production.

With the Spin 6, you can leverage seasonality and participate in the most special moments of the year: Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, and more.

It has the capacity to produce up to 36 molds per hour, equipped with a mold ventilation system that aids chocolate crystallization, making the production even faster.

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Give Shape to Your Dreams

Harness seasonality to your advantage with the Spin 6. Create products that are part of the most special moments of the year: Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, and more.

Control and Precision Throughout the Process

With the Spin6, you have control over every detail in the production of chocolate shells. The adjustment of speed, vibration, and air blowing allows us not only to alter product characteristics but also provides flexibility to work with a wider variety of figures.

More Ease and Convenience for Your Daily Operations

Replace molds effortlessly. The molds are secured by magnets, simplifying the process of removing and reinserting them. Additionally, the machine is equipped with casters, making movement much easier if needed.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity per Hour 18 to 36 molds
  • Magnets High-Performance Neodymium
  • Max Weight Per Arm (Approx.) 2kg
  • Shell Formation Time 8-16 minutes
  • Mold Change Time 2-4 minutes
  • Structure, Contact Parts, and Accessories in Carbon Steel Structure with Electrostatic Painting and Contact Parts in Stainless Steel
  • Motor-Reducer
  • Inverter
  • Voltage and Plug 220V Single Phase 50/60Hz.
  • Consumption (Maximum) 0,33kW/h
  • Net Weight (Empty Machine) 94kg
  • Electrical Components

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