Chocolate Tempering Machine Ruby 5

We are proud to present to you the Ruby 5, our newest and most compact chocolate tempering machine. The Ruby 5 has all you need to take your production to the next level.

With its 5kg capacity, the Ruby 5 tempers up to 15kg of chocolate per hour. To maximize your productivity, we have crafted the ChocoSense™, an exclusive hardware that gives a whole new level of control over your chocolate.

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ChocoSense™ Real technology, at your disposal. Finally.

Since VONIN's foundation, we strive to change the way chocolate machines are made. This time, we have created the ChocoSense™, an exclusive piece of hardware that brings you a whole new level of possibilities whilst reduced in size. Watch the Ruby 5 in action:

Fits everywhere

The Ruby 5 tempering machine is compact and fits perfectly in small spaces. Thanks to the ChocoSense™'s being 300% smaller size compared to traditional electric PID panels.

Discover the Freon Gas Cooling

The Ruby 5 has its own condensing unit, which cools the chocolate using cold gas freon. This allows it to have a quick tempering cycle with exceptional quality, without additions or depending on the temperature of the external environment.

Go further with the power of ChocoSense™

Set an automatic wake-up time and start the day ready to make your best creations. Record curves for different chocolates. Control temperatures through a precise, intuitive and easy-to-use system. Have your chocolate always ready to do your best work.

All this is possible in Ruby 5, thanks to the ChocoSense™.

Technical Specifications
Ruby 5

technical specifications ruby 5

  • Tempers up to 5kg of chocolate in 8 Minutes
  • Tempers up to 15kg of chocolate per hour
  • Body, contact parts and structure in Stainless Steel 304
  • Bowl with capacity to store up to 5kg of chocolate
  • Voltage 220V Single-phase, 60hz/50hz
  • Power Consumption 2,9kW/h
  • Net Weight 50kg
  • Motorization weg
  • ChocoSense Hardware Developed By vonin logo
  • Sistema de refrigeração (unidade de condensação)
  • And also...
  • - Auger pump easily removable for cleaning
  • - Machine built with sanitary design. Contact parts does not require any tools to clean
  • - Reversal system for easy emptying of the machine

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