Chocolate Tempering Machine Ruby 5

We are proud to present to you the Ruby 5, our new chocolate tempering machine. The Ruby 5 has all you need to take your production to the next level.

With its 5kg capacity, the Ruby 5 tempers up to 15kg of chocolate per hour. To maximize your productivity, we have crafted the ChocoSense™, an exclusive hardware that gives a whole new level of control over your chocolate.

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ChocoSense™ Real technology, at your disposal. Finally.

Since VONIN's foundation, we strive to change the way chocolate machines are made. This time, we have created the ChocoSense™, an exclusive piece of hardware that brings you a whole new level of possibilities whilst reduced in size.

Fits everywhere

The Ruby 5 tempering machine is compact and fits perfectly in small spaces. Thanks to the ChocoSense™'s being 300% smaller size compared to traditional electric PID panels.

Go further with the power of ChocoSense™

Set an automatic wake-up time and start the day ready to make your best creations. Record curves for different chocolates. Control temperatures through a precise, intuitive and easy-to-use system. Have your chocolate always ready to do your best work.

All this is possible in Ruby 5, thanks to the ChocoSense™.

High performance tempering system

The Ruby 5 is a continuous auger tempering machine and has its own refrigerated gas cooling unit. This allows you to temper chocolate quickly and with exceptional quality, without additions or depending on the temperature of the external environment.