Chocolate Spinning Machines

Give Shape to Your Dreams

Spinning machines enable the production of perfect chocolate shells with minimal effort. Their extensive range of molds, compatible with the system, overcome the seasonal productions of Easter. In addition to Easter eggs, these machines can also be used to create a myriad of other chocolate figures. Undoubtedly, a perfect machine for special occasions.

Our machinery for shells formation

Mini Spin

The Mini Spin was co-created with the Hans Brunner team, a German based company that is a global leader in the manufacturing of high-quality chocolate molds, with over 80 years of experience in the market.

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Spin 6

Compact centrifuge for optimized shell, egg, and figure productions. Up to 240 shells per hour.

See Spin 6

Ease and Volume to Create Extraordinary Figures

Our centrifuges provide greater ease in forming chocolate shells, whether for Easter eggs or other figures. This is because Spins are the most compact and versatile machines in the world, with fully optimized processes designed for small and medium-scale productions.

The Most Compact Line in the World

The First Chocolate Spinning Machines Designed for Small and Medium Productions

Currently, our spinning machines are the most compact in the world, ideal for kitchens with limited space seeking expansion and high productivity during seasonal periods. However, they can produce from 36 to 240 Easter Eggs per hour. Their formation process is simpler, eliminating the need for cold chambers or overly complex procedures.

Centrífuga para ovos de páscoa

Designed for Perfection

Minimize Production Errors

The multi-axis rotation movement ensures an even distribution of chocolate throughout the mold cavity, achieving an extraordinary level of product detailing. Additionally, their flexibility in working with different figures is impressive.

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Diversify and Reach Untapped Markets

Stay ahead in a market full of opportunities.

Our partnership with Hans Brunner, one of the world's largest mold companies based in Germany, has led us to explore a relatively uncharted territory in Brazil – that of chocolate figures. In Europe, these products are immensely successful, driven either by the affordability of machinery due to reduced technology production costs for Europeans or the higher mold production costs in Brazil. In light of this scenario, we decided to bring in more compact machines, making acquisition feasible for small and medium-sized producers, and to develop solutions and partnerships to make molds more accessible.

Ovos de Páscoa e figuras de chocolate

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