Spreadable Creams, Chocolate and Pastes Ball Mill SferaOne

The SferaOne is a 25kg ball mill for the production of chocolate, pastes, and fillings. Its refining process, carried out by the collision between steel spheres, is considerably faster than the refining process carried out in any other system of this size and preserves all sensory/organoleptic characteristics in the final product.

All systems of the SferaOne are built internally, eliminating the need for external chillers or boilers. The SferaOne mill also features a cooling system to prevent product overheating within established limits, mass circulation by volumetric pump, magnetic filter against metallic residues, and heating at all contact points to prevent product crystallization within the system.

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Discover a new level of quality in your chocolate, fillings, or nut pastes

The technology used in the Sfera One allows us to refine pastes and chocolates to a particle size below 20 microns in 2-3 hours. A process that a melanger would take more than 36 hours to accomplish.

Cutting-edge technology that simplifies your day-to-day operations.

Equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen display, the HMI (Human-Machine Interface) of the Sfera One controls all production parameters of your products in an extremely simple manner. You can queue recipes to run sequentially, set custom parameters for each formulation, and control all parameters automatically.

Technical Specifications
Ball Mill SferaOne

  • Capacity to process: Up to 25kg of product per batch
  • Contact parts, structure, panel, and reservoir tank made of: Stainless Steel 304
  • Spheres made of: High Hardness Chrome-Plated Steel
  • Requires an air compressor: The Sfera One needs to be connected to an air compressor (min. 150-200L).
  • Recommended minimum operating capacity: 15kg
  • Refines particles to below: <20um (Microns) in 2-3 hours
  • Voltage: 220V Three-Phase or 380V Three-Phase
  • Net weight (empty machine): 200Kg
  • Motorization bonfiglioli
  • Additional features:
  • - Internal Mass Recirculation Tube that can be easily tilted to discharge the mill's contents to a vibrating sieve, homogenizing shell, or container.
  • - Built-in internal cooling system with cold gas, allowing temperature control during the refining process.
  • - Works with pre-refined masses (cocoa or nuts) at least 500-700 microns.
  • - The Sfera One system can signal the appropriate time for ingredient insertion according to your recipe.
  • - The Sfera One system can signal the appropriate time for ingredient insertion according to your recipe.

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