Chocolate Spinning Machine Mini Spin

The Mini Spin was co-created with the Hans Brunner team, a German based company that is a global leader in the manufacturing of high-quality chocolate molds, with over 80 years of experience in the market.

The result of this partnership is the creation of the unique, world's smallest and most affordable system for the production of chocolate Easter Eggs, figures and shells.


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The most affordable spinning machine for chocolate figures and eggs Give shape to your dreams and delight your customers

See the video of the MiniSpin in action. You will be surprised in how easy it is to operate, and the beautiful results you can get!

Explore new paths
Reduce your chocolate shells costs and inovate like never before

In addition to shells and figures, with the Mini Spin, you'll also have access to an exclusive mold model for sphere production. By producing your own spheres (shells), the savings can reach up to 77% compared to buying them ready-made. Plus, you'll be spared from market shortages, broken or melted shells, and various other inconveniences.

It's your chance to gain autonomy in producing your own filled spheres, even with your own chocolate and unique cocoa butter paintings. In other words, it's time to have the freedom to innovate and create your best products. By significantly reducing the cost of your products, you can increase your margin exponentially. Finally.

Ready to do it all

The Mini Spin is portable and easy to carry, and through Brunner's exclusive catalog of individual moulds, it's possible to produce a variety of fantastic figures and Easter Eggs in stores or small spaces in a practical and quick manner, reducing operational costs and adding more value to your products.

Since the Mini Spin works with individual moulds, it allows for a manual dosing process using only a scale, enabling the weighing of each mold to ensure uniform weight, unlike larger centrifuges where a dedicated dosing machine is required.

The Best Cost-Benefit Ratio in the Market

Our vision was to lower the entry barrier to a chocolate shell production system on all fronts. If you want to optimize your shell production with the machines available in the market today, you need to invest in a medium-sized centrifuge, larger molds, tempering machines, dosing machines, cooling tunnels, among other equipment.

Now, with just one kit consisting of the Mini Spin + 20 individual molds, you can already produce up to 36 shells per hour with various shapes, giving you more flexibility to vary production with minimal manual labor.

Technical Data
Chocolate Spinning Machine MiniSpin

Render 3D da Máquina para Ovos de Páscoa Mini Spin

  • Capacity Up to 12 moulds
  • Production At least 36 moulds per hour
  • Structure Stainless Steel 304
  • Magnets High Performance Neodimium
  • Tension and Outlet 220V Single-phase 50/60Hz. For Europe version, SCHUKO plug.
  • Electrical Scheme
  • Certified Export ce marking

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