Continuous Tempering Machine Crystal T-10

The Crystal 10 has the capacity to temper up to 30 kg of chocolate per hour. Start producing better, without having to worry about thermometers, mess and loss of temper during the process.

The heated vibrating table provide plenty of free space to work in, making it perfect for making not only solid chocolates, but shells and hollow figures as well. Its vibration also removes the air bubbles that form in chocolate in a practical and fast way.

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Features Compact, productive and intelligent

Equipped with three individual temperature sensors, the Crystal 10 tempering machine gives you precise control over your chocolate, allowing you to easily temper any kind of chocolate, including bean-to-bar and origin chocolate in any percentage. Watch below the Crystal 10 in action:

Technical Specifications
Crystal 10

data sheet crystal 10

  • Tempers up to 30kg of chocolate per hour
  • Body, contact parts and accessories in Stainless Steel (SS) 304
  • Bowl with storage capacity of 10kg of chocolate
  • Minimum chocolate capacity for operation 5kg
  • Voltage 220V Single-phase
  • Net weight 110Kg
  • Main motor (conveyor thread) bonfiglioli
  • Secondary motor (mixer) bosch
  • Three term controllers (PID) autonics
  • Refrigeration system elgin
  • And also...
  • - Vibrating table w/ heating for removal of air bubbles
  • - Machine built with sanitary design
  • - Flow stopping pedal for dosing control
  • - Screw conveyor with reversing system for easy cleaning
  • - Cold gas refrigeration system

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