Continuous Tempering Machine Crystal T-10

The Crystal T-10 has the capacity to temper up to 30 kg of chocolate per hour. Start producing better, without having to worry about thermometers, mess and loss of temper during the process.

The Crystal T-10 can be used to make solid chocolates and tablets. Its vibrating table removes the bubbles of air that form in chocolate in a practical and fast way.

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Features Compact, productive and intelligent

Equipped with three individual temperature sensors, the Crystal T-10 tempering machine gives you precise control over your chocolate, allowing you to easily temper any kind of chocolate, including bean-to-bar and origin chocolate in any percentage. Watch below the Crystal T-10 in action:

Technical Specifications Chocolate Tempering Machine Crystal T10

desenho técnico da máquina temperadeira e dosadora de chocolate Crystal T-10


  • Production of up to 30kg of tempered chocolate per hour
  • Real programmed temperatures with independent indications, facilitating tempering control and operations
  • Dismountable parts and pieces for easy cleaning and chocolate exchange
  • Inversion of the auger for emptying the equipment
  • High efficiency cooling unit
  • Flow stop pedal for dosage control


  • Constructed of 304 stainless steel, aluminum and plastics, all according to the norms of the food industry.
  • Removable auger for easy cleaning
  • High-precision temperature control thermostats (PID)
  • Contains 2 motors, one for the mixer and one for the auger, to increase the life of the components


  • Reservoir capacity: 10kg
  • Voltage: 220v
  • Net weight: 110 kg