One Shot Depositor Start

With the One Shot Start you can make up to 800 filled chocolates per hour. Start producing better, not only increasing, facilitating and standardizing your production, but making it stress-free.

Our motivation to create the Start came from the desire to provide a quality solution with One Shot technology for small producers. It has been developed to be the most compact machine in its category available in the market.

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Video The world's most compact One Shot Depositor

The One Shot Start can replace up to five employees. Because it is semiautomatic, it can be adapted to various types of molds and shapes. The touch screen allows for easy operation of the machine, integrating all its functions into a simple and intuitive system.

Technical Specifications
One Shot Start

data sheet one shot start semiautomatic

  • Produces up to 800 units per hour
  • Limit per deposit 75 grams per nozzle
  • Contact parts and protections in Stainless Steel (SS) 304
  • Double reservoir with storage capacity of 7kg on each side
  • Voltage 220V Single phase
  • Net weight (empty machine) 132lbs (60Kg)
  • Actuation and Pneumatics smc
  • Touchscreen (HMI) and Logic Controller (CLP) delta
  • And also...
  • - Reservoir with heating (to control tempering and consistency of fillings).
  • - Structure in sturdy aluminum
  • - Stores up to 200 recipes in memory
  • - Table with automatic lifting

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