Chocolate Production Equipment

The revolution in your production line.

With our chocolate machines your team is finally free to focus on what really matters, without having to worry about problems that take precious time and energy of your production line.

Filled Chocolates

Make filled chocolates easily with our One Shot Depositor machines. Eliminate up to 5 manufacturing steps and say goodbye to the bottleneck on your production line.

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Chocolate Tempering

Have your chocolate always ready to work with our continuous tempering machines. Temper any kind of chocolate to perfection, without creating a mess and without losing your chocolate temper.

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Chocolate Melters

Our industrial chocolate melters allow you to melt and homogenize large quantities of chocolate with ease, without worrying about burning or exceeding the maximum temperature of the crystallization curve.

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Confectionery Machinery

Deposit, fill and enrob masses of all types, from light and aerated to heavy and viscous masses.