Pneumatic Depositors

Versatility is everything

Our depositors allow you to work with masses from the most varied densities, from liquid to viscous ones. Dose, fill and drip cake batters, macarón, brownie, cupcake and many other pastry masses with high precision and efficiency.

Our machinery for depositing

Simulação Máquina dosadora DV5 dosando massa pastosa


Semiautomatic depositor capable of depositing up to 6.000 units per hour.

See DV5

vista de frente da Máquina Dosadora Automática MaxFill


Fully automatic depositor with production capacity of up to 10.000 units per hour.

See MaxFill

Dosadora Industrial DV Multi

DV Multi

Simplify the depositing process in your production line. Specially designed to operate in the foodservice field.

See DV Multi

Precise and flexible paste depositors

Our depositor machines allow you to perfectly perform the dosing and filling of pastries in different sizes and shapes. We work hard to provide you a high flexibility so you can make from simple to more detailed products, in different finishes and colors.

Keep your product's standard

The weight regulating system of our depositing system gives your product a precise grammage standard, reducing costs, wastes and other problems in your production line, allowing you to build a product with a consistent identity that will always be presentable to your end consumer, wherever and whenever he or she is.

doces padronizados cobertos com açúcar

Increase your production without losing your product's identity

Our depositors automate the dosage process of your products without affecting their quality and identity. Furthermore, they give you more time to focus on the key parts of your product's manufacturing process. Leave the repetitive and exhausting work with us.

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Dose all sorts of pastries

If you work with pastry, viscous, aerated, liquid or semi-liquid, hot or cold, chocolates of all kinds, with or without solid aggregates, in small, medium or large scale, we have the right solution for you. Start producing more and better, with less stress and without losing the identity of your products with our depositors.

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