Automatic Depositor MaxFill

To provide the best industrial solutions for you is one of our duties. Start producing better and with less stress with MaxFill, a robust depositor, made for large productions, cakes and sweets.

The MaxFill is a fully automatic depositor with a production capacity of up to 7500 units / hour. Equipped with motion sensors and an automatic belt, the MaxFill is our most complete solution for you that seeks to automate the production of your products.

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Functioning & Characteristics Versatility is everything in the production line.

The MaxFill depositor can be equipped with different nozzles, allowing you to work with the most varied types of masses and formats. With MaxFill you are able to dose any kind of pastry, from liquid to semi-liquid, viscous or aerated, hot or cold, with ease.

Technical Specifications MaxFill Depositor

Constructive Specifications

  • Automatic advance of the belt, which positions the shape under the dosing nozzles
  • Table with automatic lifting (deactivatable)
  • Easy adjustment of the weight to be dosed
  • Precise grammage control
  • Cleaning mode for easy internal cleaning
  • Interchangeable nozzle ruler, which facilitates the dosing of more than one type of product (consult the value of the additional rulers)

Operational Characteristics

  • Exteriorly extruded aluminum frame with laminated vinyl for durability and easy machine cleaning
  • Reservoir and protections in stainless steel 304
  • Pneumatic dosing system (with compressed air) - requires a compressor
  • The machine is controlled and operated via touch screen, through preprogrammed recipes
  • High-tech motors for movement synchronization
  • Processor-driven motion control (PLC)