Round Cake Slicer FT-V

The industrial slicer FTV-12 is the ideal solution for those looking to increase their line's productivity. It is simple and intuitive to use, allowing you to easily cut up to 50 round frozen cakes per hour.

The slicing system of the FTV-12 can only be activated with the operator's both hands away from the guillotine, avoiding accidents in the production line and ensuring the safety of the machine.

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Functioning & Characteristics Security and productivity

Watch the round cake slicer FT-V in action:

Technical Specifications
Industrial Cake Slicer FT-V

technical specifications industrial round cake slicer ftv

  • Cuts up to 50 to 100 units per hour
  • Ideal work pressure 6 BAR
  • Guillotine, contact parts and protections in Stainless steel (SS) 304
  • Net weight (empty machine) 99lbs (45Kg)
  • Actuation and pneumatic smc
  • And also...
  • - This equipment is 100% pneumatic. It does not require electricity and guarantees very low maintenance rates.
  • - Interchangeable base for different sizes of cakes
  • - Bi-manual safety system for guillotine activation
  • - Butter paper feeder
  • - Symmetrical and precise cuts in frozen products

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