Pneumatic Depositor DV5

We are always looking to improve the lives of those who manufacture food in the industry. Created to deposit, fill and drip hot or cold masses, the DV5 depositor is the perfect machine for those looking for high production equipment that does not occupy a large space.

The DV5 has a production capacity of up to 6000 units per hour. Its versatility combined with its high production and compactness make it the best solution available for the dosing of pastries, cakes and sweets in small scale.

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Video High production compact depositor

Providing the best solutions for those who need more productivity and fewer problems in food manufacturing is one of the values that drives VONIN. With the DV5 you can easily dose your products without losing weight and identity. Watch DV5 in action:

Technical Specifications

data sheet dv5

  • Can deposit up to 6000 units per hour
  • Useful width of 400mm
  • Standard limit per deposit 75 grams per nozzle (can be modified according to your product specifications)
  • Contact parts and protections in Stainless steel (SS) 304
  • Standard reservoir with storage capacity of 20 liters (can be modified to fit the size of your food mixer)
  • Voltage 220V Single phase
  • Net weight (empty machine) 121lbs (55Kg)
  • Actuation and Pneumatics smc
  • And also...
  • - Needs to be connected to an compressed air source
  • - Depositing is activated through pedal, which facilitates the movement of the tray by the operator
  • - Table with automatic lifting
  • - Structure in sturdy aluminum
  • - Easy-to-operate
  • - Cleaning mode depositing to make everyday life easier
  • - Volumetric deposit grammage control with <1g variations

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