Industrial Depositor DV Multi

The industrial depositor DV Multi was created especially for the foodservice niche, and makes the confectioner sleeve obsolete. Work easily from extremely light and sensitive masses to heavy, solid masses.

The DV Multi is versatile and can be equipped with modules that allow you to deposit, decorate, fill and drip in various ways, with standardized weight and appearance.

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Functioning & Characteristics Deposit from the most sensitive masses to the heaviest masses

During the dosing process, depositors may end up damaging very delicate masses. Likewise, in many cases, dosing machines are unable to work with heavy products or with solids, such as soups, pasta or chilli. The DV Multi can do both through its self-adjusting dosing system. See the DV-Multi in action:

Technical Specifications Industrial Depositor DV Multi

Operating Characteristics

  • Pneumatic machine (operates through compressed air)
  • Volumetric depositing system
  • The quantity to be dosed is adjustable through a control wheel
  • The machine works on two types of cycles:
  • The machine is started, cycled and even triggered again.
  • The machine is started only when the activation control is released.

Capacities, weight and voltage

  • Up to 40 deposits per minute
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Air pressure of work: 6 bar
  • Air comsumption: 150Ni/min

Constructive specifications

  • It is made of stainless steel AISI 304 and has a structure on wheels or adjustable feet for fixing to the floor during the operation.
  • Valve body built entirely in stainless steel 304
  • Valve made of food plastic material
  • Easily interchangeable dosing cylinder, made of INOX 304
  • Dosing piston made of plastic food material and rubber sealing
  • Load hopper made of stainless steel, capacity up to 40 liters


  • Rigid connection with vertical dosing
  • Bowl Decorator Head
  • Flexible hose with dosing pistol