We are passionate in helping you to produce better.

Simply put, we make machines for the food industry.

We help you to upscale your business without creating chaos in your production line, improving the quality of your products, reducing costs and enabling you to have a more peaceful life overall.

What's inside of a VONIN? ↓

First-class Components

We put in each VONIN only the best, so they are durable and provide you with a low maintenance rate. That way, your team is ready to do more. Always.


Through the SolidWorks® technology we design, test and predict different scenarios during the development of a VONIN, ensuring that everything works as planned at your factory.

One size does not fit all

If you are a small, medium or big producer, we have a VONIN that fits your production line. Each model is manufactured according to your products and requirements, so that you can make the most out of your investment.

Get to know VONIN's Industrial Machinery Lines

Our vision has always been to craft equipment that exceeds your expectations, giving you the flexibility, support and security you need to grow your business. All of this without harming the identity and quality of your products and your brand.

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Chocolate Machinery

We provide solutions for melting, tempering, cooling, enrobing and depositing chocolate, with or without fillings and inclusions. We manufacture industrial machines for the production of chocolates in small, medium or large scale.

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Confectionery Line

Industrial equipment for depositing and filling confectionery sweets with ease, efficiency and reliability. Tailored to your products and requirements.

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"When I first got in touch with VONIN, I showed interest in equipment that was bigger than I needed, but they guided me to buy what I really needed because of my sales demand. Now we spend 15 to 20 minutes in a production that previously took up to two hours. "
Rômulo Rende, And San Sorvete Artisan Gelato